Win an Electric Skateboard!

exkate skateboard50 Mile Ride welcomes Exkate, makers of Altered Electric Skateboards to our sponsor family. Here’s what Exkate has to say to our Rwanda Riders:  “Sidewalk surfing has always been about fun — a way to extend your surf session whenever you could. Over the years things change & sports transform. Electric Skateboarding is all about fun and when you try it you’re going to be amazed! You never push and it’ll definitely make you grin. There are no rules, no limits and it’s a great time to step outside of the box and go for a ride!”

Exkate has generously donated one of their new Proline 600 V2 Electric Skateboards, complete with an extended range battery ($800 value).  Come on, you know you want to try one!  Check out their promo VIDEO to learn more about this cool product.  Be sure to buy some raffle tickets at our event for your chance to win this cool skateboard!