Monthly Archives: April 2012

Thank You to Our Donors

Sometimes what happens “behind the scenes” is just as important as what goes on out in front. That’s certainly the case with our fundraising efforts.  Of course everyone knows about our huge prize raffle, made possible by our amazingly generous sponsors.  Our raffle sets a new standard for “awesomeness” every year. But now we want […]

Live Auction for One-Of-A-Kind Collectibles

We have some very cool, limited-edition and one-of-a-kind exclusive items that will be auctioned off during our prize raffle. Auction items include: Ritchey P29er MTB frame – autographed by Tom Ritchey himself! The return of the legendary Ritchey Mountain Bike. Tom Ritchey applied over 40 years of racing, designing and building steel mountain bikes into […]

Recovery and Hydration Tips for Rwanda Riders

We know you’re out there putting in training miles, getting ready for our event. We’ve seen you, and you’re looking great! But to maximize your training effort, you need to do more than just put in miles in the saddle. As our good friend Damon Roberson, founder of DamonFit says “workouts make you weak – […]