Nutrition and Hydration

Rwanda Ride 50 and 25:  Are you ready? Thanks for supporting the Project Rwanda ride!  I am sure that you will enjoy the day and find the ride to be a challenge. One thing that can make a good day turn sour is not being prepared, whether it is your … Read More

Cargo Bikes in Rwanda

A couple of good buddies from my Christian CEO peer group recently traveled to Rwanda to learn about the many needs and opportunities in the country.  Seeing their pictures reminds me of my time in Rwanda – the “Land of 1000 Hills” – a country filled with beauty and hope … Read More

News from Project Rwanda

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on Project Rwanda. This past year, Project Rwanda has seen some challenges (for example: getting the remaining coffee bikes out of Customs, personnel changes and departures within the country, frustrations with trying to get things done in “our timing” vs Rwanda … Read More